Value Proposition

Kenwood Advisors – Who are we and what is our value proposition?
We connect a select few hedge fund managers with sophisticated Investors because of the in-depth knowledge and deep relationships we have created with both hedge funds and institutional investors.
The goal of Kenwood Advisors is to understand both managers and investors needs so that these targeted meetings can ultimately turn into long-term partnerships.
Target Audience:
Hedge Fund Managers at different stages of their fund’s life cycle that are interested in raising capital from Institutional Investors (Pensions, Endowments, Sophisticated Family Offices and select Fund of Hedge Funds).
Unique Benefit Delivered:
We are true partners with our clients. Every meeting we arrange between an investor and a manager is a targeted one. This is due to the fact that Kenwood Advisors knows their investors and managers well. (KYC). Kenwood Advisors also concentrates on geographies that we know well such as the Southwest, East Coast and the West Coast. We will also utilize our national and international relationships to get meetings with quality investors globally.
This model is in stark contrast to large database matching that some of our competitors utilize. They also set up meetings where they do not research compatibility and need, in essence, focusing on the quantity of meetings rather than the quality of meetings.